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Here are some of the features and functions of HealthProfiler 2005

Health Profile 

This is the central feature, that users need: creating a concise, easy-to-read printable health record.

Social: Basic information, including a Primary Practitioner
Allergies: Allergies or intolerances, to medications or other substances
Contacts: Next of Kin, Family, or other people to contact
Genetic: Familial conditions
Lifestyle: Diet, exercise, stress, smoking, alcohol , safety...
Medications: Lists medications current and past
Planner: Organize and plan tests, appointments, for yourself and others - a vital feature that makes it much easier to manage your health care.
Practitioners: Lists type and contact data.
Problems: hospitalizations, surgery, ongoing conditions
Vaccinations: Self-explanatory - allows easy listing of all vaccinations    Top


Keep track of clinics, insurance companies, doctors, therapists, hospitials, programs and much more. Make up categories: you can even use it as a directory for  teams, activities, friends....


Create a library for all that good health information you track down on the Web. HealthProfiler comes loaded with dozens of categories for storing data, and you can create more as needed. 


If all of this isn't enough, HealthProfiler 2002 has its own built-in note taker that lets you keep extra Notes on any topic you want, health related or otherwise.


HealthProfiler 2005 comes loaded with  features that help you get things done easily:

Help files Extensive well written help files with lots of pictures, to help you with the essentials of maintaining health information.

Simple interface Point and click data entry - nothing to it!

Printing Virtually all data can be printed in attractive reports

Internet Open your browser dircectly from HealthProfiler 2005

Email Open your email program, send a message directly to any Directory listing. You can even email a Health Profile!

Phone Autodial phone numbers, direct from the program

Word processor HealthProfiler 2005 has a built-in word processor for your convenience

Calendars All dates have popup calendars

Filter, Search, Locate Locate specific records, see filtered record sets, do keyword searches

Bookmark records for easy retrieval

Profile the all-important HealthProfile can be viewed in several different ways for added convenience

Digital picture Enclose a digital image in record

Date Choose from eight different date formats - you're sure to find one you like

Windows tools Calculator, dialup, comports, system info, and more

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Modified July 04, 2005