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The first step is to download the Demo. It's a self-installing program that rapidly and easily installs onto your hard drive. The Demo does everything except print.

The Full Version involves a simple 'unlock' code that we email to you.

At $15.00, we think it's the best health investment there is, and back it with a 60-day refund policy.

This transaction uses a Certified Secure Server, with SSL technology, so it's extremely safe: fully automated, with high level encryption.

Please note that the online purchase transaction is handled by North Star Solutions, who have a long record for reliability and security on the internet. If you need help after the download, please contact us, not them, for any assistance. Thanks.
Quote product # 6944 for easier ordering.

The online purchase is easy, but if you prefer a mailout, let us know.

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updated May 4, 2006