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What operating system does HealthProfiler run on?
Basically Win 95 and up.

What about dates?
HealthProfiler uses four digit years, yyyy/mm/dd. It handles approximate dates rather cleverly, letting you record only year, or year and month, in cases where an approximate date is sufficient, or the exact date is not known.

Can I use it to keep fitness records?
It works very well for that. Simply record ongoing data in the Journal module. Lifestyle patterns can be recorded in the Profile module.

About 10 megs - not a lot by today's standards

Any Windows-based PC will work.

NEWS  Check out another approach to keeping health records: we call it "An HTML Health Profile" - a quick way to print a Health Profile form, using your browser on the web. We're using the power of the internet to do something simple but valuable: print out easy to use manual form health profile forms.

Download the Demo version of HealthProfiler: it does everything but print, and the Print Preview feature gives a pretty good idea how it would look.

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HEALTHPROFILER SUPPORT  A quick reminder of options:
Email: to
Help file on both Demo and Full version, can be viewed and printed.
ReadMe.txt provided with download, is useful when starting 




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updated July 03, 2005