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There are three modules. Data can be previewed and  printed. The interface is easy to use.

Health Profile 

This is a central feature, the one  most people find really handy: creating a printable personal health record.

Social: Basic information, including a Primary Practitioner
Allergies: Allergies or intolerances, to medications or other substances
Contacts: Next of Kin, Family, or other people to contact
Genetic: Familial conditions
Lifestyle: Diet, exercise, stress, smoking, alcohol , safety...
Medications: Lists medications current and past
Practitioners: Lists type and contact data.
Problems: hospitalizations, surgery, ongoing conditions, 
Vaccinations: Self-explanatory - allows easy listing of all vaccinations    Top



Keep track of clinics, doctors, therapists, hospitials, programs and much more. Make up categories: you can even use it as a directory for  teams, activities, friends....


Create a library for all that good  health information you track down on the Web. HealthProfiler comes loaded with dozens of categories for storing data, and you can create more as needed. 

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And here's how  it looks.....

  This little program does all that, and more. 

There are even printable 'blank' forms for manual use. And as you can see, the interface couldn't be simpler: by clicking on the Outline View you go anywhere and do anything, always on the same window, no confusing screens opening and closing.

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Modified July 03, 2005